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Thread: C4 complete almost 4 months

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    C4 complete almost 4 months

    Hi I am Jenn. I was injured October 31 in a fall when accidently pushed by my best friend. It seems all I meet are guys with my injury and that's great but I need a female friend who can relate. Soon to go home and very scared.

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    Welcome to CareCure, Jenn! Sorry you had to find us. There are a number of women here (try posting on the Mobile Women forum) and I am sure some of them will respond. Where are you located? Where are you in rehab? We might be able to line you up with a mentor.


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    Sorry you had to find the site indeed as KLD said, and hate hearing of any SCI, BUT sending you super positive recovery vibes lady, alas I am another dude But a dude with a C5/6 injury, 28 years post, earned 2 degrees in manual chair, licensed therapist working in community mental health, so feel free to write if I can be a resource in any way, do hope you find a good female mentor, they ARE here. Going home is scary for sure, but try not to let the fear control you, hard I know. Hope you'll use the site for support, keep us all posted on how you're doing if you have the time!

    Hows your support system for the transition home?

    Rock on lady

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