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Thread: When will Epidural Stimulation ever be brought to the masses?

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    Quote Originally Posted by scimike View Post
    ...Dr. Gerasimenko --- I never heard of him and hope someone else can fill in.
    Yuri Gerasimenko has done a lot of pioneering work in epidural, transcutaneous, and magnetic stimulation. He has collaborated with Edgerton and Harkema for years. I believe he is involved in Edgerton's company.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peders View Post
    Mike, thanks for putting all these together! A little bit of promising news is very nice to read every now and then. As a C?4 complete, the ability to grasp anything would be a dream come true.
    C6 here, as already mentioned I'd cut like 15 years off of my life span for hand function lol

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