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Thread: When will Epidural Stimulation ever be brought to the masses?

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    Actually, it is my understanding that they are trying to bring devices to market ASAP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by niallel View Post
    Its a shame that seeing as they know it works they don't go straight for approval. That way there would be something out there that people could get even for a tiny amount of benefit.
    Then they can improve the parameters so it got better and better for people.

    I think the problem is that most researchers want to make the best thing possible first time before going down this path. (Obviously there are exceptions like Wise)

    Most other industries would ship a minimum viable product and then iterate and release updates - even charge for the updates.
    Is there a reason why this wouldn't be possible with this?
    They would make money now, and make more money as they improved the software.
    The initial money would go to more investment getting to the perfect solution faster.
    The tech industry operates this way. Push out a prototype - iterate and keep releasing slightly enhanced versions. This model seems to work well for them.
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    I think Dr. Edgerton will try to bring it to the market as soon as possible but if they push it too early and something goes wrong that the whole thing could be stopped. Since this is a technology item they can always improve it: 16 electrodes now and after they release it they can and will probably make it better all the time with much more electrodes or somethings that we can never think of.

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    Can epidural stimulation be used to recover hand function or even tricep function?

    As a c6 quad, I couldn't care less about walking, I'd rather have hand/tricep/wrist flexion.

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    Edgerton, Harkema, Gerasimenko and Courtine, I know that they are all linked from previous collaborations or being students of one etc but what is exactly going on right now, are they all working on their own solution/product competing with each other? I know competition breeds innovation but are we sure that in that case money is not wasted by dividing the efforts? Does someone know more about all this?

    BTW, I also understand that even if it was better for them to all unite it will probably not happen for many reasons ... just thinking out loud here how I wonder if the little money there is could not bring more fruit if they did not all have to repeat the same steps each on their side.
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    I suppose it depends if having more money would make it come to market faster, or be better?
    If they do need more money to do either of these things it would be good to know.

    I think we all know the CRDF are raising money for Harkema, and I was told by the Courtine team they are fully funded for their trials.
    Don't know about the others, anyone know?

    If the others need money then it would be good to know. I'd rather send my funding to a specific project rather than a general charity.

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    Please do not take everything or this is the latest but here how it goes. Dr. Edgerton and Dr. Harkema are collaborating from what I understand but they are both working on different things. Here is Dr. Harkema's latest news

    Dr. Edgerton is working on two different kind os simulation: surgical and non-surgical and above article below also reports on his latest

    Dr. Gerasimenko --- I never heard of him and hope someone else can fill in.

    Dr. Courtine ---- He just sold his company to investors or found investors to start the clinical trials on humans. Here is the news link and also there is a website that explains in detail. (watch all of them as they are all interesting)

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    Mike, thanks for putting all these together! A little bit of promising news is very nice to read every now and then. As a C–4 complete, the ability to grasp anything would be a dream come true.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peders View Post
    Mike, thanks for putting all these together! A little bit of promising news is very nice to read every now and then. As a C–4 complete, the ability to grasp anything would be a dream come true.
    C456 here and I cannot agree with this statement more
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