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Thread: schedule? muscle groups, how many times per week for progress?

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    schedule? muscle groups, how many times per week for progress?

    I'm trying to improve so I exercise regularly. But I can't do everything everyday so I'm trying to figure out a schedule that will help. I do exercise from my chair, then I also use a up n free walker which I was doing almost everyday. Now I decided I need to try the regular walker with platform attachments. And I try to use a easy stand glider. I can do my exercise from my chair quite a few days a week on my own time with no assistance so not too much of a problem there. But with two walkers and a glider I need assistance and it's usually afternoons after a long day at work. So I can only do one of those things a day. Up n free is good, I just need help getting in it and I can walk unassisted, but I realized the seat is not allowing me to progress like I should if I want to improve and see better more natural ambulation. So my wife started helping me with the regular walker, not easy, I can take about 5 steps so far. So I think I need to keep trying but also other days use the up n free so I can go 150 steps at least and keep my endurance. And then I have the easystand glider that I know is good for me to use. And then I have other training that I know would be good. How do I portion out what I do without not doing something too little to be of much value?

    A friend told me today that he thinks if you work a muscle group really well two times a week that it should be enough for success. Thoughts? I'm not trying to do the minimum for success but trying to figure out to do several different things enough to benefit.

    A regular walker that I need help with but improve the more I try, a gait trainer that lets me go farther but limits some progress overall, a easystand glider that I'm not actually walking in but am on my feet - As far as the importance of each of these how would you rate them?

    Muscle groups like arms, legs, core, how many times a week if one expects to see progress?

    Weekends I should be able to do more but during the week am looking to make the most of how and what I train.

    I appreciate any help with scheduling workout ideas.

    Thank you

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    Everyone is different so what works for me wouldn't always work for you. You have to experiment and find what works best for you. If you do other physical activities like Handcycling,Swimming or anything that is physical you just have to be careful not to overstrain. That is the number 1 mistake is overtraining. Rest and what you eat is almost more important then what you do in the gym or wherever you workout.

    Make it fun and change it up every 3 weeks to a month.

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    It's not the easiest thing to figure out but hopefully I'm getting closer. For me I think it's more about learning the what that I need to train than the frequency. If I can learn what and how to practice basic movements then the frequency will be easier to figure out. I read that there are 11 muscle groups, it would be nice if it was as simple as finding the basic strengthening exercises of each group and paring them together and making a simple yet targeted training program and work each pair of exercises several times a week. But I'm not finding it that simple. But I think I'm getting closer.

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    Monday: chest and triceps
    tuesday: legs (often lower back/ core is done with legs because doing the big compound exercises for your legs usually involves it anyways )
    Wednesday: Off
    Thursday:Back and Biceps (forearms as well)
    Friday: Legs
    Weekends: off

    This is a good example of an intermediate routine! Like he said nutrition is as important if not more important for muscle strengthening and building, not to mention joint health, cardiovascular health, overall health really. Not about what taste good it's about what your body needs! You can make it pleasant though, at least somewhat

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    Not everyone responds to the same stimulus but I break my workouts into 4 different muscle groups. Shoulders (and traps) Monday. Back Tuesday. Rest Wednesday. Chest Thursday and I finish out the week with an arm workout (bi's and tris). I put arms at the end of the weak because everything leading up to the arms workout uses arms too.

    So in order to maximize the gains in each group, I avoid working muscles with sore, weaker arms by only making them sore on Friday. Then I have the weekend to recover.

    Also, each workout is immediately followed by 20-30 min on the UBE. Sometimes I'll substitute the UBE with a Nu-stepper just to shake it up a bit.

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    Thank you for this. Do you workout at home? Could you tell or show how you workout each group? I'm interested in refining and making my workouts and time more effective for each muscle group. If I could effectively work each that you mentioned regularly it would help me improve for sure. Do you find that the once a week for each group is sufficient? I would struggle to think that it couldn't be enough. I may push for 2x a week then when I see improvements cut it to once a week. Just thinking, thank you for the help.

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    No, I work out in a gym. I am a firm believer in once-a-week muscle group workouts, especially for wheelchair users. For us, its very easy to slip into overtraining. You'd burn yourself out working the same muscles twice a week. I can go thru specific workouts later when I have the time.

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    My thing is I don't know exactly the best exercises for each movement and group so I do what I think is best and what I can. But if I can learn and figure out a standard routine for each group that I know will work and cover the basics and essentials of the groups you mentioned, I could see doing once a week for each and getting results. I appreciate any help, tips you can send my way.

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    Well before I can recommend specific exercises, I need to know your injury/ability level.

    I can give you a quick run down of many of the basic lifts I incorporate regularly.

    Chest: Incline presses, both bench and dumbbells.
    Flat bench press.

    Back: lat pulldown, both wide and close-grip.
    dumbbell pullover.
    various rowing exercises (I can describe them. in another post.)
    Good Ole wheelchair pullups, strapped in your chair.

    Shoulders: Dumbbell press.
    Arnold press (my fav)
    Behind-the neck presses on a Smith machine. Gotta be careful with these.
    Dumbbell shrugs (for traps)
    Side and rear laterals. I don't do front delt work because those muscles are already used as assistors in many other exercises. Plus they are used every time u push your chair.

    Arms: close-grip bench press and skull-crushers are basically all you need for triceps growth.
    incline dumbbell curls, preacher curls and. cable curls are where its at for biceps.

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