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Thread: Any older sci patients out there dealing with partial rotator cuff tear

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    I think you may be right in some aspects but I don't regret using a manual chair up until now in fact 35 years ago here in Australia power chairs were built like tanks and I could not have done the outdoor activities I have done in my life in one of those old power chairs. My brother in law is a retired builder at age 62 and has had 3 knees done ,Carpel tunnel in both wrists plus both shoulders are buggered. I do not have any other shoulder pain and did this I know when I fell and lifted myself back into the chair, I heard the shoulder pop and it hurt from then on.....

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    Art, I don't know if your remarks were pointed at my post or not. But I did try a manual chair many years ago. I still have it if all else fails and that is the only way we have to move me. I have bought my own chairs, used over the years. Why? Because I don't beg for anything. And it simply appeared that, to throw my lot at the Insurance Companies, knowing near nothing about such a purchase. I was at a terrible disadvantage!

    If I was going to have to sit down for the rest of my life, I was going to do it on my terms. I was very tired of falling at very inopportune times, and flopping around like a fish out of water. I was also getting all bunged up. When I decided I was going to subject myself to sitting an my ass, I was going to do it "tomorrow" (figuratively speaking) not next week, or next month. I have never been accused of being indecisive! So after looking around at web sites at new ones, they were priced at double at that time for a moderate priced one, than now.

    I first chose a large Pride mid wheeled chair, which was adequate but difficult to operate in my back yard, it got stuck. I actually broke the frame on this chair. I then bought a $200 rear wheeled drive Invacare Ranger 2, no batteries. I moved the seat back (with difficulty) 1.5" and that made the front wheels lighter, it is an excellent outdoor chair, and with a small enough foot print to work well in my older home.

    The power wheelchair industry and its regulator's has all but eliminated the good rear wheeled drive chairs from the market, from what I see. There are few all purpose powered wheelchairs on the market, and the few that are all purpose are way overpriced. (my opinion)

    But, you are right ART even trying a manual chair was a terrible mistake at least for me. I was not smart enough to understand just how bad off my shoulders were at that time. I had learned how to use my shoulders with a minimum of pain, but quick moves the manual chair required, created problems I could not avoid. I also had (at that time) the physical damage I had caused to my neck, "stupidly" I credited the pain I felt to my shoulders. I'm very sure the amount of falls and how they occurred contributed greatly to this cervical spine problem. The major problem was the residual effects of getting the Bends-Caissons Disease, permanent partial paralysis, all else I believe was me trying to compensate for my balance and mobility problems in the almost 50 following years.

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    As I said I have no regrets using a manual chair all those years as i am an outdoors person and love fishing especially, there is no way I could use an electric chair from the late 70,s to do all of my activities like that. I have had numerous boats and still do have one and do a lot of saltwater fishing and have stuffed up a lot of manual chairs from this, I think genetics plays a part as i know a few people that use manual chairs that do nothing all day and there shoulders stuffed up way earlier than mine. I use the TWION ASSIST wheels now and will now adjust my life accordingly but will still try to do the things i love to do outdoors or what is the use of living ...........................

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    I have a partially torn left rotator cuff, and the right one is a complete tear. The right shoulder was injured in 2011. I didn't have surgery on it, and after doing all the rehab stuff at home, it no longer hurts---- however, it is weaker than before. The left shoulder I hurt in October, and it is freakn killing me. I am currently doing rehab, but so far, no better results. I use a manual w/power assist wheels at home and in public, which gets me where I need to get. I use a power chair for the outdoors, and manual with no power-assist for the office. I can still lift that one into the Expedition. I am 55 yrs not quite a crusty ol' coot, but no young'n either.
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    Graybeard, Good heavens how do you go transferring and also dealing with the pain?..................................

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    Hi Ragersilver....transfers are dicey, but if I think it out enough, I can usually do so without a lot of problems. The pain....yeah that sucks. I was given Tramadol, but I get concerned about constipations. I used it the last time I hurt the right shoulder, and man it jus about killed me with all the "back up" nonsense. Mostly I use Salonpas on the shoulder, and ice/heat therapy in the morning, then Tylenol the rest of the day. It aint much, but its all about gettn' by at this point.

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