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Thread: Ford Transit Reviews???

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    The problem with a transfer seat or driving from your wheelchair, is the battery is located under the drivers seat. It needs to be relocated, but you (dealer) have to find a relocation spot, they don't give you any suggestions. Also, that area is a no drill zone, because of the gas tank, so then your dealer and Ford gets to fight over who is responsible for warranty work if anything comes up down the road. It would be a GREAT wheelchair van, if Ford hadn't dropped the ball on the battery location
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    I guess I don't know anything about the Dodge Promaster or Mercedes Sprinter. Are you able able to drive from your wheelchair?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blazer View Post
    I guess I don't know anything about the Dodge Promaster or Mercedes Sprinter. Are you able able to drive from your wheelchair?
    not certain, give your mobility dealer a call. rep
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    Hey guys, I also looked at the dodge pro master. I didn't like it at all, the entire rear section has to be outfitted with the subfloor in any kind of sitting in the back is aftermarket While on the test drive some of the aftermarket additions were falling apart which made me very concerned. I am not a big fan of any conversions since as was mentioned before then you run into warranty issues as to who is going to fix what if there's a problem. I eventually, looked at MV-1 and everything I was trying to do with the full-size vans was already done on the MV-1. The floor which is already done the interior and plenty of space I could ride shotgun upfront with no problem and I'm very comfortable as far as being able to repair the vehicle if needed. It has a Ford Drive train and the vehicle is built by a.m. general. I found some new 2014's on eBay in the low 30s and I eventually bought one. Like it a lot. Bob

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    I have a sprinter and I love it!! The mobility dealers don't seem to like them prolly because they don't make as much on them. They also have a 4x4 version now. I have the 2wd with the 4 cylinder diesel and I get 23 mpg no matter where or what. What I like about it is that all the windows extend up very high making looking out very nice when I decide to stay in my chair.

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