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Thread: Accessible Jet Boat For Sale

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    Accessible Jet Boat For Sale

    2015 Riddle Marine 21ft Cargo Jet (wheelchair accessible)
    72" bottom w/ 12 degrees deadrise
    1/4" hull with 1/2" UHMW center section
    Outback design motor box
    6.0L GM Marine Engine
    Hamilton 212 Jet w/ hydraulic shift
    Pacific Powertrain air actuated stomp grate
    Flow Tec Quicksteer- Tilt helm
    Minnkota 112 IPilot Link electric trolling motor
    Two 999ci HD SI KVD GPS/Sonar Combos
    LeeLock anchor system
    Davit w/ 12 volt electric winch
    Two onboard Minnkota digital battery chargers
    Bostrom leather seats
    Rhino lined bow and ramp
    LED interior light package
    Lockable rod box
    Wash down kit
    Gateway swing tongue tandem axle trailer w/ aluminum wheels

    Accessible features:
    Bi-fold ramp
    6 way power transfer seat
    Stomp grate switch at helm
    Davit w/ electric winch and spreader bar

    Original owner. Boat only has 30 hrs. Always stored inside. Accessible features can be easily switched to standard equipment. Located in Idaho.


    Selling because we have 4 little girls and don't spend much time on the water.
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    Here are a few more pictures.
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    Nice custom work on that boat!!

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    love it how much to ship to Pert West Australia HAHA

  5. #5 says your looking at about $800, plus what it would cost me to get it on the ship in Seattle.

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    I've had several people ask similar questions, so I thought I would post some additional info. Cruise speed for the boat is 32 mph at 3200 rpm, burning about 8 gallons per hour. On the top end it will run 42 mph on the lake. It has a 60 gallon belly tank. There is a heater/defroster in the cabin. The top, sides, and backdrop are removable. There is a kicker bracket on the transom on the starboard side. The rod box can hold a 7 foot fishing rod. The engine is equipped with a dual battery system, and three other batteries dedicated to the trolling motor. There is a horn and running lights. The passenger side bench seat has storage underneath the cushion.

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    The boat is still for sale. I'm willing to consider reasonable offers.

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    Price reduced to $74,000

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    us of a, currently in new joysie....
    i like this lil' boat, seems very well designed and sturdy for some kickass fun on water.... i dig the no-nonsense diamond plate deck and the multiple wheelchair accessibility options [the folding bow into a ramp and the lift]... great custom modifications for true practicality and very well thought out.... very clean design as well, no fluff, all purpose.... definitely a 'hot rod' rather than a 'custom' if i were to use car-like analogy.... i dig hot rods....
    in fact, i like it so much i rated your thread as 'excellent' even though it's a classifieds section post....

    i have no space in my current life for this nor the funds but certainly woul love having this would my circumstances be different...
    out of curiosity - for some future knowlege should i ever come into some serious funds - what is this boat's minimum draft and what kind of waves can it handle?....

    i'm assuming the draft is negligible, less than a foot?.... i've seen similar design jetboats run rivers/rapids that are only a few inches deep, as long as one keeps up the speed it'll glide right over on account of the jetdrive provided the jets are positioned high enough to clear the bottom yet low enough to remain submerged.... will this boat handle extreme shallow draft waters as well?....

    what about somewhat higher waves, say 6' - 8' waves?.... the hull's flat bottom design and the sleek bow certainly seems primarily geared for gliding fast over the flat water rather than pierce the waves or handle offshore type of seas but i'm curious if it could still handle such water if one had to venture out of its comfort zone?.....
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    Thank you for the compliments. A lot of thought went into the design over a couple years. I've never actually had the draft measured, but it's probably close to a foot. The boat has run through whitewater in the Hells Canyon and can handle some pretty rough water. It's not an actual flat bottom design. Its equipped with reverse chines and 12 degrees of dead rise which provide a much more responsive boat when steering and having the ability to quickly jump up on plane. The boat it is definitely geared more towards the shallows, but can comfortably run through a little chop on the big reservoirs I fish. When its on step, I've ran through water thats less than a foot deep. Heres a video, if you fast forward to 2:26 you will get a pretty good idea if what I'm talking about.
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