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    Money question

    I receive Social Security and Disability that totals just over $900 a month and I have medicare and medicaid. If I were to win a contest for somewhere between $2000 and $5000 what would happen to my benefits? And for how long?


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    Likely nothing. You are not working. You would have to declare that on your income tax forms. Medicaid might be affected but you did not indicate you are receiving that.
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    Winning money is taxable income. You need to call SSA, IMO. You'll have to report it at the end of the year. It is so little it may not matter, particularly to Medicaid, but get professional advice straight from the horse's mouth: SSA.
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    I didn't win anything yet, but was curious. I have medicare & medicaid and receive home health and feared that if I won something large enough to claim, it might get taken to pay certain medical bills. I usually enter contests in my moms name but recently entered a few in my own and was wondering if I'd end up giving it back for home health expenses. I worked for a few months in 1999 and lost my home health and it cost me about as much as I earned so I gave it up. Plus, I ended up in the hospital with bronchitis due to going in and out to work that winter. I miss working and earning my own money but its too costly without a really good paying job. Anyhow, I'll just go back to entering contests in my moms name from here on.

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    Medicaid is likely an issue then. medicaid is administered by states so you would have to check with your agency to be certain. Here in SC you can have up to $2000 in cash without consequence. You should have a booklet explaining their policies. If you lost it, they may have a webpage where you can download a copy.
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    These laws are so self defeating, but on the other hand there are so many cheats it is terrible. But if you are/were employable and could work it would likely do a lot for you if only mentally. Please do not take that the wrong way.

    I know myself, when I retired I was immediately sorry, But physically I needed the rest, several months later I went back temporarily, however, I had already moved my home and could only stay on a very temporary basis. However, it simply feels good to be needed and wanted while you can perform meaningful work.

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    Has that bill passed the US Congress yet allowing those on welfare programs like Medicaid or Section 8 housing to have an IRA of about $3,000 besides what states allow? Anyone know?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Scott C4/5 View Post
    I receive Social Security and Disability that totals just over $900 a month and I have medicare and medicaid. If I were to win a contest for somewhere between $2000 and $5000 what would happen to my benefits? And for how long?

    Scott are you saying you receive SSDI? Which is different from SSI. The difference is you worked enough in the past before your injury to qualify for more $$ than just SSI but you said you were working off and on so kinda sounds like SSDI..??

    Or are you saying you receive SSI + something else I'm unaware of being eligible for? I'd like to know this cause if I had that little bit more on top of my SSI like your getting it would be just enough for me to get out in my own place & would be great for me I could actually move somewhat forward.. please respond..
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    Things have changed state-by-state

    Quote Originally Posted by Sue Pendleton View Post
    Has that bill passed the US Congress yet allowing those on welfare programs like Medicaid or Section 8 housing to have an IRA of about $3,000 besides what states allow? Anyone know?
    Hi Sue! You know me as Lori Michaelson. I have not been on the Care Cure Community here in a long time and then rarely have time to go through each and every topic but usually stick with the CARE forum. I just happened to log in for something entirely different today and happened to see your message that landed in my message box. :-)

    What I came across does something interesting via the school of hard knocks and that I found out not too long ago after my husband passed away and my income has always been higher than allowed for Medicaid/welfare and had to move in with my eldest sister and brother-in-law. I am drawing a blank right now as to the source of finding out about the program I will tell you about below in the state of Pennsylvania. My sister began to have some small medical problems and they asked me to "move on" in my life. This is a first in my life because prior to January of this year I have always lived with a family member or a spouse over the last 51 years and I am having a very hard time with it in every... single... way.

    I moved back to Arizona [as my sister and brother-in-law I asked me if I wanted to focus on living there in their tiny town of which I have never lived and whereby I knew no one and could make no friends since I couldn't drive, etc.) where everything is 100% more accessible and there was no place to move to being nearby the very tiny family that I have left and that was accessible or would allow me a quality of life via getting out and about. Anyway, JUST BEFORE moving back to Arizona we somehow found out about a lady who could come to our house and explain some of the new things available in Pennsylvania because of the predicament I was in. This is what we found:

    This is what we found out urgently a last-week or two when I was with them in PA in their tiny town whereby I knew no one, could not travel on the rough roads without having my skin greatly comprised from a Stage III wound over my ischial tuberocities that had me bedridden the great majority of 3 years before my husband's passing, no accessible homes whatsoever, a very depressed area, a place extremely susceptible to great flooding etc. etc. etc. :

    There is something in Pennsylvania called "Act 150" which allows a disabled individual (who would otherwise not be eligible for Medicaid in Pennsylvania) to have far more beyond $2000 in their checking account and still receive state aid and payment for home healthcare agencies to go to my sister who was helping me when living with some of my care which had her irrigating my catheter since outside home healthcare agency employers are not allowed to do this or to transfer a patient with a Hoyer lift alone. She also assisted with putting all my medications in my medication box(es), picking up my prescriptions from the pharmacy since I can't drive and driving me to medical appointments.

    I still resent them from asking me to move since I was hiring my own help morning and evening 7 days a week but they would not budge. And because I had already put a down payment on a good sized apartment for me and my live-in caregiver in Arizona (that I found a couple months before moving) ... we did not pursue what I would be eligible for if I got my own place in the tiny town of hell for me in Northeastern PA. They offered to have someone come out to assess my needs but I thought that Arizona would have something similar by now with all the retirees retiring here by the thousands (OMG how the area has grown since just 2012 before my husband passed away and when we lived here for 11 years).

    Also, I found out about an attorney in Tucson Arizona that [supposedly] knew about information or possibilities that were available in Tucson for those who falling between the cracks financially (like myself) and hired her. But after we met with her (my 2 sisters made the trip with me and stayed for 2 weeks to help me get settled) she actually didn't know much at all. What she DID tell us was about something called a "Freedom to Work" program in Arizona whereby you can work and keep your income from working and still receive help from the Medicaid equivalent here called ALTCS [Arizona Long-Term Care Services]. Even if it is just working a few hours a week. The problem with that (for me) is that I would only be able to work a few hours a week and as the local representative from the Independent Living Center here admitted... that is too hard to find. In addition, I have had multiple bladder issues starting just a couple weeks after moving here from getting new nurses and the first one hurting me by inserting the bulb into my urethra and the second one resulting in me getting a Pseudomonas infection that has caused spontaneous leaking around my catheter without me knowing it (never happening in my past of 36+ years) and me going through clothing and chux and sheets like crazy until we can get to the bottom of it. I am beyond exhausted as I compose this message.

    To add insult to injury my one sister lost her husband of 47 years to cardiac arrest just three weeks ago - the same thing my husband passed away from in June of 2012 unexpectedly as well. There are just too many factors that have occurred with me since 2009 that I am simply not up to working let alone trying to find something available for just a few hours a week. I am just trying to keep up with staying alive at this moment.

    I am just hoping that Arizona adopted a program similar to Pennsylvania sooner than later.

    Hope that helps a little bit! I hope you still have my private e-mail address because I do not want to give it out here unless you already see it or have it. :-)

    Big hugs, ~L

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