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Thread: what muscles / movements in the core are good for stabilizing?

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    what muscles / movements in the core are good for stabilizing?

    Last night I sat on the edge of my bed with feet on the floor and holding my wifes hands I leaned back and practiced sitting up. I really felt my abs working I think. Today I reclined my chair and held two handles attached to the wall in front of me to help me do assisted crunches. It felt like a really good exercise. But am wondering should I also do diagonal situps to work different muscles? What do practicing situps help with in realtion to functional movement? When I move my arms my trunk may fall over due to lack of strength therefore limiting some of my arm function. What muscles would help core stability if worked and what are some good exercises for them? Would the assisted situps be an important thing to practice? Thank you

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    Any kind of sit-ups are excellent to help build core strength! I'd focus on basic sit-ups first, then you can do diagonal ones. Perhaps you can practice by sitting on the edge of the bed (pillows behind you and on sides of you) putting a light ball on your right or left side and picking it up, then putting it back down. Once you feel comfortable doing this, you can pick the ball up on the right and then put it down on the left side and vice versa. Strengthening the core is very important because like you said, moving your arms might cause you to fall over. Once your core is more strengthened, you will find yourself doing more activities like the one I mentioned. Working on your obliques will strengthen your core ultimately. Resistance bands are also very useful. You can tie them onto a door knob and those can help you do sit-ups as well. Something as simple as lifting a glass off a table might be hard, but once your abs are strengthened, you will be able to lift small objects in no time. Best of luck!

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    I find it easier to do sit ups while sitting indian style. A good ab workout is to sit up right, have your wife in front of you try to slowly push you back, you fight against her to try and stay upright. A good oblique workout that can be done laying down on a bed or on the floor. I do it on a workout bench that makes it harder. Lay down and stick both arms straight up in the air holding your hands together. Have somebody push your hands to the left or right holding pressure for 5 seconds at a time. Try to keep your body as flat and straight as you can without twisting to the sides. If you don't have somebody to help you then you can use a resistance band to pull your hands to the side. This will also work your shoulders.
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    While situps are great for building anterior core strength, core stability can be improved more effectively by doing actual stabilization exercises. Think resisting movement as opposed to creating movement. Just sitting up with correct posture can go a long way towards improvement. Wills77 has a really good point. Once you are good at sitting up, you can have someone try to push you from the front, back, or side, and try to resist their movement. After that, you can try to extend your arms(creating a longer lever arm to increase difficulty) and get some resistance at your hands(this will help the strength of your shoulders as well). You can do this for your obliques, back, and ab muscles.

    If you can get on your hands and knees, you can do a variety of core strengthening drills from that position as well. If you're interested (or not sure if you can get in that position but want to try), you can PM me for some ideas.
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