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Thread: Saliva of Hila monster can cure type II diabetes

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    Saliva of Hila monster can cure type II diabetes

    Just saw a report on CNN Headline news that the saliva of the hila monster, a lizard which lives in the Arizona desert, can cure type II diabetes. An additional benefit is that there is weight loss associated with the treatment.

    The hila monster only eats four times a year.

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    Faye, I thought you lost it.

    Amylin, Lilly Say Diabetes Drug Effective in Trial
    Wed Aug 6, 6:14 PM ET
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    NEW YORK (Reuters) - Amylin Pharmaceuticals Inc. and Eli Lilly and Co. said on Wednesday their experimental drug for diabetes proved effective in a late-stage clinical trial, significantly reducing blood sugar levels.

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    The test was conducted in 336 patients with Type 2, or adult onset, diabetes who failed to achieve target blood sugar, or glucose, levels while taking a standard therapy called metformin.

    Lilly and Amylin, who derive the drug, called exenatide, from the saliva of a lizard known as the Gila monster, expect to submit a marketing application to U.S. regulators next year.

    This first of three pivotal-stage studies of exenatide showed that it reduced glucose levels to a target range set by the American Diabetes Association in 46 percent of patients receiving the highest dose of the drug for seven months, the companies said. Trial results for lower doses were not announced.

    Subjects receiving exenatide, given twice a day by injection, also showed statistically significant reductions in body weight, the companies said.

    No difference was observed in rates of mild to moderate low blood sugar between the exenatide and placebo groups, and no severe hypoglycemia was seen. Four patients in the exenatide group dropped out a as a result of nausea.

    Antibody formation observed in the study was consistent with previously reported open-label data reported to date.

    Lilly and Amylin said they are on track to report the results from the remaining two pivotal trials in the fourth quarter of this year.

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