yes I have a lawyer I hope to be talking to him tomorrow

long story short sold hpuse 8 yrs ago owner finance he abonned lay may I started foreclosing june 1 did it legal court house stair paper

went to court 10/18 to get confirmation of sale done

he files chapter 13 12/15 on his list of creditor I am listed but wrong address mail lady bring it to me give to my lawyer
Friday the trustee

its an objection to confirmation by trustee
Mary Ida Townson, Chapter 13 Trustee
Suite 2200 ? 191 Peachtree Street, N.E.
Atlanta, GA 30303-1740
(404) 525-1110
WHEREFORE, the Trustee moves the Court to inquire
into the above objections, deny Confirmation of this
Debtor's (s') Plan and to dismiss the case; or, in the
alternative, convert the case to one under Chapter 7.
February 5, 2

any ideas ? also another creditor did not know either as he has a completely different address for her