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Thread: E & J Shower Chair

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    Shopping for a shower commode chair now and like the looks of the E&J except the arms don't appear to be removable or swing away so I'm baffled as to how one would transfer...?

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    Guardian Shower Chair.

    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse View Post
    A big caution on this shower/commode. The seat base was made of 1/4" plywood, and the cushion cover not sealed. This allowed water to seep in, and rot the plywood. We had two clients injured when the seat collapsed with them on it. If you really must use this chair, do what we did and lift up the fabric edges of the seat under the deck, apply liberal amounts of silicone caulking, and replace the staples with stainless steel staples (and then caulk over the staples as well). This helped prevent this problem and prolonged the life of the seats by several years. We finally stopped using them, and are very happy with the other shower/commodes we replaced them with on our unit.

    That is the same for anyone who uses a Guardian Shower Chair 99000. The cushion has a plywood base and after time the vinyl cover will crack causing water the leak into the foam cushion saturating the plywood base. Over time the plywood base will collapse while you are showering. This happened to me just about three weeks ago. I had a backup shower chair in my garage that I am using.

    I will use lexan polycarbonate sheet 18" x 18" x 3/8" as a base. Stainless steel bolts and nuts and a toilet seat to remake the cushion. The shower chair is stainless steel but the company was sold to a parts warehouse and cushions are sold out and parts are limited.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mize View Post
    Shopping for a shower commode chair now and like the looks of the E&J except the arms don't appear to be removable or swing away so I'm baffled as to how one would transfer...?
    Yes they are removable. There's a spring loaded button on each arm that will allow you to pull the arms off when depressed.

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    I've been using an Invacare mariner for probably about 10 years. Periodically you need to replace the seat (mostly for routine hygiene and optimal padding), the back sling which gets stretched out, and the arms which tend to get a little corrosion rot from water damage. It's a pretty decent chair with swing away foot rests and transfer clearing armrests. I find when sitting on the toilet I need to put some extra padding on my back as the sling after it gets a bit stretched out leaves one a bit slouched and uncomfortable.

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    i use a mariners as well but had a local upholstry guy add padding to the seat so its extra cushioning
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    I got a side opening self-propelled commode but for me it's not effective having the cut out on the cushion pointing to the side as i'm feel like i'm leaning and my legs are too jammed together. So even though the frame is a side opening i have the cushion with the cut out pointing straight ahead so i can sit straight while still having the cut in the frame to reach under. I also made sure the seat was made extra thick which is a lot better for my tailbone.

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    I also use the E&J shower/commode chair.I know I'll eventually have to get a different kind.

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    I use an Activeaid Shower/Commode Chair. They have various models to suit many needs. I suggest an upgrade to a "waterfall" style cushion that rolls cushioning into the cutout.

    Here is a product list:

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