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Thread: E & J Shower Chair

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    E & J Shower Chair

    I need a new shower commode chair. I have been using an E & J for a long time. It appears it's been discontinued, and I'm very used to it. Does anyone know what other brand / model is closest in design / function?


    P.S. Anyone know why it's off the market?

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    Went through this a couple years back Drive medical makes a knock-of but much lower quality that E&J I got a Raz SP (big wheels) pricey but high quality will be last on e i will need to buy

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    ActiveAid makes a Shadow 9000 shower commode chair that is dimensionally equivalent to the E&J that you have referenced.
    Regarding "Anyone know why it's off the market?" - a bit of the E&J story can be communicated offline if you are interested.

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    There are some very low price shower/commode chairs on eBay, but I don't know how good or durable they are.

    Proofread carefully to see if you any words out.

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    E&J is no longer in business. They sold to another company (Drive) who manufactured this shower/commode chair for a few more years, but even they stopped making it. While it had some good features, we have been much more happy with chairs from Nuprodx, ActiveAid, and Raz Designs over the last 15 years or so.

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    Good news: E&J shower wheelchair has been bought out, and they are supposed to be putting the E&J Shower Chairs back into production in the next few months....I had to use an ActiveAid one, and it's just not that same.

    Here is the link to where you can buy it once it becomes available:

    It states "back ordered until February/March" guess is April/May more likely with how these things go.

    Or here is a dealer that is enthused about it's return:

    "The E&J Rehab Shower Commode Chair is back on the market!

    After over a year off the market, the Everest & Jenning RSC Chair is available again and is a must-have when it comes to bathroom equipment. Not only does it have removable arms and footrests, but its stainless steel, corrosion resistant frame is very versatile whether it is being used as a shower chair, directly over the toilet, or as a standard commode chair. The shower chair's narrow width, folding frame, and self-propel option make this one of the best portable shower chairs around.

    This long-time favorite folding shower chair is available to ship immediately. Enjoy Free Ground Shipping and order yours today!"

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    A big caution on this shower/commode. The seat base was made of 1/4" plywood, and the cushion cover not sealed. This allowed water to seep in, and rot the plywood. We had two clients injured when the seat collapsed with them on it. If you really must use this chair, do what we did and lift up the fabric edges of the seat under the deck, apply liberal amounts of silicone caulking, and replace the staples with stainless steel staples (and then caulk over the staples as well). This helped prevent this problem and prolonged the life of the seats by several years. We finally stopped using them, and are very happy with the other shower/commodes we replaced them with on our unit.


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    SCI Nurse,

    TY for your advice. Which brand, would you say, allows for easier self cleaning when toileting? Or, is it just not possible if you can't lift your backside and reach behind? I'm accustomed to a raised toilet seat that allows me to reach under.


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    Several brands and models of shower/commode which offer cut-out and or figure 8 seats which can be positioned right, left, front, or back as desired. Raz, ActiveAid, etc. all offer these.


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    Regarding "... lift up the fabric edges of the seat under the deck ..." (ref. the earlier post #7),
    note that it has been some time since the associated E&J (Graham-Fields) shower chair seat was made in this fashion.

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