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Thread: Looking for a wheelchair table

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    I have an IKEA table of some sort for my hobby bench that does height adjustability. IIRC it was pretty cheap, and still going well after ~12 years. You buy the legs and pick a size of table top you want, so this thing could be smaller as well. Fits in well for that ghetto themed decor
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    Forest Ranger, your purchasing philosophy is a good one, a pretty reliable way of viewing buying "stuff"! The four legged adjustable table is great for a work table that you use for various projects or if you are like me, and have an old desk computer, I have an almost roll under that my son made as a project table years ago. Unfortunately it is not adjustable, but when he made it it was made to tie flies on, he lived in an apartment so it worked for him. I can get close enough to the edge to be comfortable.

    What's great is conversations like this give "me" all sorts of idea's as I am sure it does for other folks. We spend most of our current lives on our asses and rolling around. I use a Power chair because both my shoulders are destroyed pushing myself around is no option, and secondly the old power chair (a fold-able Invacare Ranger-RWD) I use mostly indoors has a much smaller footprint than the manual chair I also currently own.

    I love to tinker, and make things, but without even a poor workshop I like many of us work in the house, which can cause some problems with Marital Bliss. So with limited abilities now, (every one of us being different) and making the most of the abilities we have left, such tables as we are talking about, might make such projects easier for all of us. Looking at some of the idea's y'all make work for you, can with adjustments work for me or other folks. Storing all the stuff at a convenient hand level is important as well. Keep it up.

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    I'll second IKEA for something functional and inexpensive.
    We also picked up a utility table from Costco that is height adjustable and portable for about $40.

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    Quote Originally Posted by darty View Post
    Hey darty, this wouldn't work for me because my foot rests would hit or touch the table legs
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    I use one really similar to the one Andy posted a photo of that I also got at Ikea for my office desk. It's clear underneath and height adjustable.

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    From a small cabin in the big woods of The Allegheny National Forest, PA
    There are ADA Wheelchair adjustable school desks for around $150 at and wheelchair adjustable tables at
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    No Tri's or hand function.

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    Quote Originally Posted by forestranger52 View Post
    There are ADA Wheelchair adjustable school desks for around $150 at and wheelchair adjustable tables at
    thanks ranger, those are more like it
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    I bought the ikea Starska sit/stand desk for my son. It's pretty easy to lower and raise, but if you set it at the right height I don't know why you would have to adjust it much. They make a wider one, and if he had the room, I would get it to go over his bed. IKEA sells corner bumpers too that we got because the corners are sharp.

    Like most ikea products, it came without 2 screws that we are still waiting to arrive from Sweden!

    Another word of warning, the base comes in an awkward incredibly heavy box.

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