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Thread: Started taking 2.5 mg Melatonin every night before bed and helping with pain!!!

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    Started taking 2.5 mg Melatonin every night before bed and helping with pain!!!

    It seems like it's helping my Neuropathic pain even during the day, maybe it's just because I'm sleeping better and getting a good nights rest seems like a good way of cutting down pain. Anybody else try Melatonin and any luck with it? I'm just chewing on a gummy a couple hours before bedtime, seems like I get real tired and am more ready for getting some sleep than I otherwise would be.
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    I just started using this about 4 months ago. they prescribed me a sleeping pill after I was diagnosed with cancer. I have never slept more than 4-6 hours a night. Sleeping pills give me drag ass up to 12-14 hours after I take them and they don't even make me go to sleep. Melatonin does not make me go to sleep either but they do relax me and no signs of drag ass at all. Melatonin is like a natural valium. I like them and my brother is a manager at a big dairy plant and about 50% of his workers use Melatonin for its calming effect. Try them you just might be surprised. Up until 5 years ago I would not take aspirin. Now I am trying more natural herbs. Even Marijuana. What they gonna do - arrest me and give me better health care. Nothing works the same for everyone. Start with a very low dose and work up. I always take as little as possible of everything. Cbd oil from works great for pain. I hate smoke so that's probably why I never smoked marijuana. Now that there are so many edibles and rubs with oils I have been trying these out. Have a friend who works for and after seeing the scientist involved with their products and the quality I am sold on their stuff. Their quality and striving to really make pharmaceutical grade MM sets them apart from most. I was a doughtier about people not wanting to get high and using MM as a label just to get legal weed but I am a believer that some like me do not want to be high at _all_ we just don't like pain. Junkies will always be around. But us that want to be pin free need a voice. Donnie

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