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Thread: Gastric feeding tube and activity

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    Gastric feeding tube and activity

    Been a long time, 8 years very incomplete. I just had surgery for an esophageal diverticulum related to my cervical fusion and because of complications in the healing process I am going to be fitted with a gastric feeding tube and NPO for a while.

    Anyway, I am looking into how to go hiking and biking with this thing. For biking I'm mainly thinking about hydration, but for hiking I'd probably want to be able to get some nutrition as well.

    Thanks for any info or pointers !

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    I would talk to the registered dietician who may have worked with you when you had the tube placed. You will need to possibly increase not only your fluids, but also your calories. How much, I can not tell you. You need to speak with someone who is more familiar with you and your needs.

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