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As the bowel chair splits in the seat have gotten larger (since I posted this last year), I finally got serious about finding something to patch it. I did some research on Amazon and found this product with really good reviews. It has been on my Activaid 101 for 2 months now and it works great. I don't know how it will hold up on a shower chair but 18 bucks is a lot better than buying a new chair.
I'm not sure I understand that math, or don't quite get your situation. It seems to me if you paid $100, you'd get another 8 years, or so. How long will the $18 kit keep you going for? It seems to me that, at best, you'd end up paying the same amount for kits, perhaps more. How much longer will the frame last? If it won't survive 8 more years, then I can see going with the patches. But if the frame will last, then the patch is just postponing the inevitable, that you will have to replace the cushion.

But, I'm glad you are performing this experiment for us. We will get a good idea of how long this patch lasts and whether it is worth it. My bench has 4 cushions that each cost about $25 and last about 3 years. In comparison, your cushion sounds like a bargain. Let's say I am curious how this goes. Please keep us updated.