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Thread: Difference between Tilite 2gx series 1 and series 2

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    Difference between Tilite 2gx series 1 and series 2

    I just noticed Tilite has a 2GX series 1 and a 2GX series 2 anybody know the difference?

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    Just by looking at the order forms, it looks like the series one has different crosstubes, different caster attachments, different backrest gussets, and different swing away frame gussets. As far as the feeling of riding in them, I cannot comment. Although, it personally looks like the series two is heavier but provides a more rigid ride in regards to the amount of energy transferred to the floor when pushing.
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    Guess they don't make series 1 anymore so looking at series 2 not sure why they still have series 1 order form up on their website...

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