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Thread: Health insurance for caregivers for C6 quad not homebound?

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    Health insurance for caregivers for C6 quad not homebound?

    I have Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield and am wondering if anyone knows whether it will cover part-time caregivers. I am paying privately now. I am not homebound. Under the Home Health Care section of the policy it says it provides home Health Care from licensed agencies for homebound patients. I don't think that will get me coverage. Another section entitled Habilitative Services only covers physical, occupational and speech therapy which will probably not get me coverage either. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    Very unlikely. Most private insurances cover short term care only, and that includes only things that require skilled nursing (ie, may be done only by a licensed nurse) such as administration of medications, complex wound/dressing changes, catheter changes (but not intermittent cath) etc., and then on a very limited short term basis. There may be some exceptions, such as for those who are ventilator dependent, but even that is rarely a covered benefit. "Maintenance" care such are bowel care, range of motion, assistance with dressing, transfers, feeding, or bathing are rarely covered except under long-term care policies (not health insurance).


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