Anthony is in the hospital now. He has had two bouts of pneumonia and a major surgery for duodenum bleeding ulcer all happening in December and January. Anthony's Dr. wants Ant to have access to bipap at night when he comes home. Anthony has a trach. His Dr. wrote and order to case management to have him come home with with a Trilogy 100 vent but I think he put it to Bipap settings. The company that case management sent over the order to says they cannot accommodate him because the trilogy 100 is a non invasive machine, meaning it is to be used with a mask and FDA has not approved this machine for use with a trach because there are no alarm settings. Anthony does not need a vent to breath just a little help at night.

I have called another DME and they said they actually have Bipap machines that they can set him up to use with his trach.

I want to give the Dr. information on how the order should be written for Medicare to cover this. I was told by the 2nd DME that if the Dr. is ordering a trilogy and has it set to bipap settings then Medicare would probably not cover it.

Anyway tomorrow is his last day for care and the only thing holding us up from bringing him home is getting whatever we need to get so he can have bipap at night. Has anyone with a trach had this problem and any advice on equipment and how the order should read for medicare?

Is anyone on here with a trach and uses a bipap machine at home? What is your setup? How did you get it?