I have pondered the suggestions given in my earlier thread and was able to check some of them out at BestBuy. I concluded that mechanical keys were the way to go. I ultimately selected to go with a computer keyboard made by WASD Keyboards. http://www.wasdkeyboards.com/ The price was hefty but well worth it because of the service I got. They custom made my keyboard for use with the typingstick keyboard layout I use. I pasted a photo below. After some discussion I decided to go with the Cherry MX brown switches. They only require 45gms of pressure for actuation and emit an audible click. My days of forcing keys down with my typing stick are gone along with tendinitis. The keys are so much easier to press. I encourage everyone to play around with a mechanical switch keyboard when you get a chance. It is something people who use a typing stick and easily tire or get sore to should definitely check out. The keyboard brings back memories of IBM electric typewriter keys. Those of you who have never typed with an IBM electric don't know how much better typing can be.

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