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Thread: Advice needed: Evacuation Chair

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    Advice needed: Evacuation Chair

    Hi everyone,

    My employer is looking to purchase an evacuation chair in case of a fire or emergency where the elevators don't work. Does anyone have any suggestions? The one's that I've seen so far don't look very sturdy and probably won't fit the need for both a para and a quad. They're looking for something that would work for a wide range of wheelchair users.


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    There's different models, some look pretty flimsy. Here's one that looks more robust:

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    That's the one we have where I work. We have them on every floor by the stairwell, and we drill using them annually.


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    My company has the EVAC+Chair on every floor. Haven't had the pleasure of using it yet. They got them after I was carried down 17 floors during the NYC blackout of 2003.
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