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Thread: Cushion after pressure ulcer

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    Cushion after pressure ulcer

    I have used a deep Contour gel cushion for 10 years and it has prevented pressure ulcers. I recently got a pressure ulcer and am having trouble getting rid of it. It was healed completely then it reopened. I am going to check myself into the hospital to get it finally resolved. After it is healed should I stick with the gel cushion? Someone told me I should go to an air cushion since I am having problems.
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    You should look into a Ride custom cushion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by t8burst View Post
    You should look into a Ride custom cushion.
    Agreed, you would need an experienced tech to do the mold but once done correctly your most vulnerable areas for pressure are suspended and don't touch at all.

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    You might consider trying a high profile Roho cushion. However, regardless of what kind of cushion you use now your butt is more vulnerable to pressure problems. It will never be as durable as it was pre-pressure ulcer.
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    We always do another computerized interface cushion evaluation when we start sitting again after the healing of a pressure ulcer or flap. It is critical that you get the least amount of pressure over the area of breakdown as possible. Remember that it takes at least a year (12 months) for a deep pressure ulcer to finish healing, once it is closed.


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    Thank you. I have spoken to a PT that I know and she recommends a high profile ROHO cushion. She has offered to do pressure mapping as well on me after I get on the cushion.
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    You should be evaluated on several cushions with a computerized interface pressure system BEFORE a cushion is issued or purchased. There is no way to tell if the Roho is right for you without doing this.


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    Regarding "... recently got a pressure ulcer ... Someone told me I should go to an air cushion ..." -
    Another type of cushion - dynamic cushions (e.g., Ease, Aquila, etc.) - may also be helpful to you. The dynamic cushions are very expensive. In some cases; however, it is the only type of cushion that works for people who have experienced situations similar to what you have described. There are other non-dynamic air-type cushions too like the Stars (e.g., the Star Stabil-Air model, etc.) and Vicairs (e.g., the Vicair Vector and Vicair Adjuster models, etc.) that can be made to off-load pressure in sensitive areas.

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    It's very important to get pressure mapped on several different cushions to figure out which one equalizes the pressure the best or takes all the pressure off of spots where you've had problems. I've had a custom Ride Design cushion which worked good for a long time still needed a little extra padding in it. After my last flap I had done, I sat on a Roho Hybrid Elite which is the mix of a Roho and custom cut cushion. The Roho part on mine was where my ischiums are but I was having problems below it so after doing some more work on different cushions with it back to a Roho high-profile Quattro cushion. That cushion has 4 separate groups of chambers that can have the air locked in 4 separate sections of the cushions to keep it so the pressure doesn't really change. That doesn't work for me because I end up with a really sore back after a few hours so I just leave the valve open. Roho's seem to be the best and most suggested by therapists and doctors
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    I sat on Jay cushions for 28 years, principally the Jay2 model. I have never had any sores, other than the rare incident of pinkness that needed a bit of rest.

    However the last four years I have switched to a power chair with tilt and recline and notice that after only about an hour or two which included two or three tilt/reclines for pressure relief that all of the gel was squeezed out of the well where it is needed for pressure relief and pushed forward into a tennis ball sized wad right under my scrotum/testicles/perineum/pudendal nerve, all of which are sensitive structures.

    The gel was not returning back to the well after I came back up. And when I got out of the chair after just four or five hours the well was completely squeezed empty of any gel. And this is with the special recline gel pad.

    I've since gone to the Roho high profile quadtro select, which has four chambers that can be locked off and minimize the instability feeling people often have a hard time with. My therapist said that for anybody with a history of pressure injury, trying to heal a pressure injury, or is at high risk for pressure injury would stand the best chance of survival on a Roho.

    I use a ceiling lift to get in and out of the chair so transferring isn't a problem. However if one is transferring into the chair than the Roho can be a difficult transfer.

    Bottom line is that if one has or had a pressure injury that may need the highest degree of protection there is. And if you are unable to do adequate pressure relief and you may need to get a different seating system which includes tilt and recline. Ever since developing hand, elbow and shoulder problems I am completely unable to do adequate pressure relief the way I used to. The only way I can do it now one in my power assisted extender manual chair is to remove the armrests and lean side to side for 2 to 3 minutes. This is not too convenient.

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