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Thread: Linzess experiences?

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    Linzess experiences?

    I was wondering if people have had any experiences with Linzess. I just started it, used it once, it seemed to work.

    I had two questions specifically that my doctor did not mention:

    1. I am unclear on the timing, how long does it take to work? I used bisacodyl about two hours after taking the Linzess, because I felt a bit bloated, but I need a specific time for when to take bisacodyl after taking Linzess, since I cannot always feel when it is time to. And I assume this is not the kind of thing that will last all day, right?

    2. I am starting on 145 mg (not sure if this is supposed to be every day or every other day). Can I just go up to 290 mg if results are not great, or would they be better?

    Any other comments. I still think I will take Senna 8 hours prior. The main goal is to avoid unpleasant surprises - I feel like doctors sometimes prescribe things sometimes without fully appreciating the implications of trying to schedule things and go out in the community without having sensation. So I want to know ahead of time what I'm in for.
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    Bumping to see if you had any success with Linzess? Or anyone?

    Seems like it isn't used much.

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    I am 34 years post injury and have been using Linzess for over a year now. When I first started using it I would take as needed because at the time I was also using Miralax and Senekot for my bowel programs. I was prescribed this medication because unknown to me my bowels were really backed up and I thought I was really doing well with my bowel programs, but apparently it was not the case. I have taken the 145mg, but it did not produce the results I was looking for. I am now on 290 mg and take the pill every other day on the morning of my bowel program. I take my pill at least 30 minutes before I eat. I than wait 30 minutes after I eat and than insert a Magic Bullet and lay on my side for 10 minutes. I than get up and the stool has moved down and I do manual stimulation to help it come out. I find the only thing that I don't like about the Linzess is that it can give me explosive diahrea, but for me it does the job.

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