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Thread: easystand glider, has anyone used it to practice and achieve sit to stand?

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    easystand glider, has anyone used it to practice and achieve sit to stand?

    I just got the easystand glider and was in it tonight for about 30 minutes. I dropped the seat before I got out like someone told me a while ago and practiced standing from a lowered position (not all the way down) I actually stand up when I try but my legs being secured in it feels like their cheating if that makes sense. I'm wondering and hoping if I keep dropping the seat and practicing if it will build those glute and leg muscles needed to stand from sitting and carry over to function outside of the glider? Thoughts and experience and ideas on this greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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    By using that technique, I got to where I could make my legs go straight and stiff, but not for very long. it is not enough to "stand", but I can prop myself up long enough to change my hand postition when transferring to higher things, like my SUV, 4 wheeler, tall beds in hotels, and other places where I might struggle going from my chair.

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    So it did help a little? I've been looking for a way to practice that movement and strengthen those muscles. As far as using the glider goes are there any exercises or movements that you've used it for that you would say is a must to work on? Thank you for your feedback

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