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Thread: First Step Tricell Low Air Loss Mattress

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    First Step Tricell Low Air Loss Mattress

    I have a great condition First Step Tricell Low Air Loss Mattress with pump (80L x 35W x 10D) 300lb limit for sale
    Paid $7000
    Asking $500

    The First Step Tricell mattress replacement system is a pressure redistribution, low air loss therapeutic system designed for use in extended care. Used in the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers, it improves comfort and delivers optimum skin management.Technical information

    Mattress dimensions 80L x 35W x 10D
    Mattress weight 19 lbs
    Maximum recommended resident/patient weight* 300 lbs
    Air supply unit
    Unit dimensions 12L x 11W x 7D
    Unit weight 10.5 lbs
    Transformer volts 120 V
    Maximum electrical leakage 17 Microamps
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    Is this mattress still available? Has it been used at the home of a smoker?

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