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Thread: Pain, Suffering, Meditation

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    Pain, Suffering, Meditation

    Hi all,

    I'm not here much anymore. You all shared my suicidal death spiral as I suffered fully elaborated central pain and severe uncontrollable bone breaking spams
    for over a decade. I have found a way to not just manage, I flourish, through insightful mindfulness meditation.

    I have started a business and my partner and I teach insightful mindfulness meditation. We've spent much of 2015 studying at UMASS Medical and UHT and are
    certified meditation instructors. We are successfully teaching this insightful mindfulness meditation at our office, in a professional practice in Darien CT, and
    remotely via Skype.

    I have a link below to a short blog on my website about pain and meditation. I hope you will read it.

    I will write a longer post about my journey soon.



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    I am so glad for you, Ket. I wish you and your partner, and all those you teach, every blessing.
    MS with cervical and thoracic cord lesions

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    Thank you for sharing, Ket. It's great to hear that you're doing well.

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    Hey Ket,
    The website is encouraging to all of us suffering. You can certainly be the poster boy having gone from the depths of despair to teaching insightful mindfulness meditation in order to manage pain and other human difficulties. Congratulations, you've made an incredible transformation for which you should be deeply proud. Good work!

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    Hi Ket-


    I started practicing insight meditation as well back in 2010. I wish I had been forward thinking- it would have been beneficial to others? I even adapted the walking meditation program and spoke to some of the scholars researching neuroplasticity and mindfulness.

    However- I did create an online application that can be used in conjunction with mindfulness-based exercises. Check it out

    It is being used in some psyc wards.

    Let chat at some point. I have some ideas.


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    I work with this woman, who has done a lot of work and research in the use of Mantram Repetition (a type of mindfulness meditation) with Veterans with PTSD, chronic pain, and SCI. It is not difficult to learn:


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    Here is a publication about the benefits of insight mindfulness meditation. It may be of some interest.
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Hi Chaz would love to talk, maybe over the weekend -ket

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    i am going get reinvolved with the va system again,if they have this course , i will try it, every bit helps.
    cauda equina

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