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Thread: Bruno Stow-Away and Driver Hand Controls For Sale

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    Bruno Stow-Away and Driver Hand Controls For Sale


    My brother Josh had advanced cancer which got into his spine in the C7 area last February. He lost function below his ribcage, his doctors were terrible and told him to go ahead and get a lift and hand controls for his truck, as well as a stand-up wheelchair. All said and done he spent about $15,000 on these three things. Josh passed away in June, as such he only used the lift three times and never used the hand controls. He left the truck to me, including the lift and controls. The truck is a 2012 Dodge Ram 2500 Crew Cab, he had the lift mounted to the passenger side but it can go on either way.

    The lift is a Bruno Stow-Away ( It's still on the truck, and coming off when the weather warms up in a couple days.

    I don't know what the hand controls are at the moment, but will throw them in on the deal. Otherwise I'd probably want $100 bucks shipped to deal with removing and packaging them.

    I'm asking $3000, plus $100 to ship ground here in the US if necessary. Paypal for the payment method if I'm shipping otherwise CASH.

    You can email me at or call (or text message) 414-935-8272. Leave a message if I dont answer.

    I will try to get some pictures up in a bit.



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    I got a call yesterday from someone, the phone number didn't come through on voicemail. I think it was from Casey. Please send me your number via pm or email me at thanks

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    nice really like it but I am afraid I don.t transfer well enough I always kinda fall back but really nice

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    The hand controls are no longer available. The Bruno Stow-Away is still available, I'm now asking $2500 or best offer plus shipping.

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    I now have an offer on the Bruno lift, deal will close on Saturday. Will repost if it falls through.

    I don't understand why the most popular spinal injury forum is using such antiquated software that doesn't let you edit posts or post pictures. I thought Rutgers was like a "public ivy league" level institution, so should be plenty of bright people running this. Kinda reminds me of my brother's doctors: incompetence, laziness, slow to technology improvements.


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    You can post pictures, and you can edit your posts for a limited period of time, but once the editing window is closed, only Moderators can do further edits, or close a post (as I did for this one since you say it is sold). For a new member, you are pretty critical about our forums without finding out what you are talking about. See photos on many other posts.


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