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Thread: Pressure ulcer

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    Pressure ulcer

    I have had a pressure ulcer on my bottom on flesh for about 2 months. I have been going to a wound clinic and it finally healed. However, not even after a full week of healing it reopened. I stopped drinking my high protein supplement drink after it healed. How much protein should I be taking in daily for healing had to maintain healing? I weigh about 110 pounds.
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    I'm not sure about the amount of protein for your diet but I had a similar problem with a sore reopening after it had healed a few times. What helped me was keeping an Allevyn foam bandage on the area for about a month after it had healed. Mine kept opening back up within a week of it closing.

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    That area needs to be protected for some time. And you need to baby it for probably a month or two.

    As for the amount of protein, that depends on your body, your weight and your BMI. Do you have a nutritionist that you can speak with. They can give you a good idea of how much is the right amount.

    Once you get this back on the mend, do not stop everything at once. And gradually start your sitting. Like VERY gradually. Start with 5-30 minutes at a time a couple of times a day. Increase this as your skin tolerates it. Also before you start sitting, make sure that your cushion is appropriate for what you are now dealing with. I would encourage you to see a PT and have them check it out.

    Hope that this helps.


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    Actually my fiance works full time and I stay in my chair. He leaves in the morning and my caregiver comes. I have healed very slowly by reclining back all the way. At night by keep pressure off of it altogether. I have put an extra cushion in my chair. I have always used a deep Contour gel cushion. I just ordered a new one since my old one is 3 years old and they are warranties for every two years.
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    My pressure ulcer has finally healed over and I'm now sitting on an air cushion which i think is helping. I started having throbbing nerve pain in my leg when my pressure ulcer first started. Now that it has healed over I would just assume that the nerve pain would stop but it has not. I still get throbbing nerve pain in my leg when that area is rubbed or I have prolonged pressure on it. Has anyone else had this issue? I hope it eventually goes away the more healing takes place.
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