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Thread: good video for indoor cycling training . . . .

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    good video for indoor cycling training . . . .

    I have an Invacare Top End Force G Handcycle up on a cycleops mag trainer . . . i have been using the below video (for free on YouTube) for interval training sessions and I have been loving it. Just wanted to pass along and if anyone has other good training videos or ideas for interval training sessions I would love to hear them as well.

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    I'm sorry but if I lived in Cali my Roller would never get used unless we had rain for more then a few days.

    I get so tired of indoor Training because up here we have such crappy weather.

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    After you burn out that mag trainer, spend the money on a good fluid trainer. I have a kurt kinetic rock and roll. It's design stays out of the way of my legs. I take off the foot rests and have my legs in homemade containers exactly where my legs would be. After burning out two cheaper mag trainers I coughed up the money for a nice fluid trainer and won't go back.

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    I had bought a few dvds of Tour de France videos filmed from the riders viewpoint that I used when I rode on a trainer. Those were excellent and if you were ablebodied and owned a zillion dollar trainer, they would interface with it to change resistance auto-maGically as the slope changed. It was one way to see all the different Euro bike race's routes. Good stupH!

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    Thanks for replying . . . i'm looking at Tman's suggested Kurt Kinetic and it looks like it has some of the same functionality as the Tour De France cycle trainer.

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