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Thread: Gait training advice and tips please

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    Call the AlterG folks and have them double check that there isn't one closer to you. Not all of the locations are on their website.

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    So, pool therapy did not seem very accessible to me and my time restraints, but it seems like there could be some reasonable options for occasional sessions. I can't even say once or twice a week but the possibilities are there. But my question, as far as if I could practice walking in a pool, are the chances good that benefits would carry over to out of pool training and function? If I can figure out a way to the pool, would it be a huge must for me if my goals are simply functional improvement? I really like the look of that walker and think I would get one if I give the pool a shot. And what else could I work on in the pool that would be worth while? I'm thinking sit to stand. Even though the water would be assisting could the muscles still strengthen in the pool?

    I am really trying to focus on what I can do that will help me most. If the pool will be a big benefit then I will try to figure out a way. Has anyone used one of those walkers?

    Thank you greatly for the help,

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    Yes, you should benefit from pool therapy to assist in your gait, balance, coming to stand, even stair climbing (if they have a set of submerged stairs). You still have to use the right muscles, but the water provides some support and decreases gravity working against you. We try to include pool therapy in most of our SCI Veterans' exercise regimens and help them set up regimens they can do in their own backyard pool if they have one.


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    The two pool "walkers" look like a great solution that would allow you to use any pool of suitable depth. Does anyone have any experience with them? Would you recommend one or the other SCI nurse? The Sprintaquatics model looks like it is gripped by the handles in front just like the rolling walkers my son (C5) used in Kunming.

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    I will check with our aquatics therapist tomorrow and see what she has to say about these pool walkers.


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    The water walking assistant looks like a good choice to me and I might get one even if just for occasional pool opportunities. I'm always trying to figure out what I can do to help myself. I use google and find so many exercise ideas and info on how the body works, the research is great but all the info kinda gets overwhelming and bogs me down. So in the meantime of searching I'm always trying to exercise the best I can. I see the pool would be great but if I can't get there regularly there must be other ways to train effectively right? I use a gait trainer once a day, the rest of the time I'm in my chair so I'm thinking there has to be a full body workout that can be achieved from my chair. I ordered a book on kinsiology and hoping that educating myself on human movement will help me see clearer and simplify my view of workouts aiming at improvements.

    You posted the pvc parallel bars which have been on my mind, it seems maybe out of the pool as well they would be a good way for me to practice walking fully on my feet with no bicycle seat. I was looking at this one for practicing standing and squats and maybe balance. I have so many ideas but am trying to find a few solid ones that I can fit into my limited time and with continued use bring lasting results. What are your thoughts on this one for practicing standing?

    A friend started helping me get on the floor about twice a week and there too I see so many possibilities. But figuring out the most important things to work on while there is not a easy task. I hope to figure out a simple way to do leg presses as I think that is a good exercise to strengthen the legs.

    I know I have so much potential but I'm struggling with figuring out EXACTLY WHAT I need to do for success. I'm holding on one day at time and hope to figure it out soon.

    Anyway, you guys and the info and wisdom you share is greatly appreciated and I thank you very much!

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    Hi KLD,
    Have you had any feedback about the pool walker aids? I like the look of the Sprintaquatics model -- what does the aquatics therapist think of it or other devices?
    Thanks in advance.

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