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Thread: Dragon Naturally Speaking Home Version 13

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    Dragon Naturally Speaking Home Version 13

    Software only, no microphone or headset- $35.00 obo, free shipping

    Turn talk into text up to three times faster than typing and with greater recognition and formatting accuracy to easily control your PC and applications by voice

    Dictate, edit and format documents, compose and send e-mail, search the Web or your desktop, network with family and friends and navigate and control your PC and applications simply by speaking

    Launch applications, select menu items, save files, switch windows and more using simple voice commands

    Get started with the helpful tutorials that allow you to be productive right away

    Customize how Dragon works for you thanks to smart format rules that detect your abbreviations, numbers and other unique phrases you frequently use to ensure your text appears the way you want it to

    Use with many of the Windows and Web applications you use every day, including Microsoft Word, Corel WordPerfect, Microsoft Outlook and more

    Dictate e-mails with Web-based e-mail applications Gmail and Yahoo Mail for the first time ever, and enjoy full text controls and commands for the most frequent actions

    Send e-mails, schedule appointments, update Facebook and Twitter and more with speed and ease

    Search the Web using Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome all by voice

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