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Thread: Braun MXV

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    Braun MXV

    Has anyone ridden in or bought one. Would like to know how is the ride and can you actually get a power chair in the driver area? I so want one if it will work. Thks

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    I was in one but didn't drive it. My opinion is that its a lot of wasted space. Its not very roomie inside.

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    check that out tells you what powerchairs will be able to work with the mxv

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    Extremely tight getting my permobil f3 in and out. Decent head room. Still feels like it is very first generation. I'd hold out for an improved version.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lumsta View Post

    check that out tells you what powerchairs will be able to work with the mxv
    My Quickie 646 SE should be on that list. Length is 33.5 and width is 26. I would love to try one out.

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    I rolled into one when their MXV Veteran program came thru Dallas. I'm in a manual chair and use a transfer base, so a bit different, but some thoughts:

    1. Weird that ramp angle is listed at 9, it was a real easy roll up, way easier than my van. It was parked on flat ground, so not sure what to make of this.
    2. It is kinda tight in there, but the turn into the driver seat area was real easy.
    3. Looking at that pdf, the floor area "H" behind the seats, is a little misleading I think. If you notice, the arrow extends into the front seats a little. That's because they have cantilevered bases on the front seats and there is an open area underneath that your feet can fit under, to give more room for you to do a turn. I think they added that "under" area into their 55" number. It didn't feel like four and a half feet of open area. The Dodge van is listed as 57" and it feels way more open.
    4. I hope they worked on that sliding shifter, it was a loose fit and I think would have been a rattletrap on the road.

    But after 10 yrs in a minivan, I am waiting to see a demo with a transfer seat in it because I would love to drive something different.
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    Should definitely contact a wheelchair van dealership and go try one out

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    Why do they make things like that where you have use your chair to drive with? No thanks so uncomfortable for long drives.

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    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ What they said.. No way I want to drive from my chair...
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    If you want to get the perspective of a guy who has good upper body control and strength but has zero below his waist read John Williamson's site. He needs assistance getting into and out of his chair, or almost anything else. He drives from his chair, (which he built to suit himself) he is at Be aware he has his opinions and is quite willing to share them.

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