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Thread: Are there any disabled living communities out there?

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    Are there any disabled living communities out there?

    I have an idea of a group of single family homes, for primarily disabled residents. The group could share he cost of care givers, group buying power together for things like lawncare, laundry, housekeping, etc. I'm thinking of folks who already live basically independent lives but still need services like attendant care in the am and pm. I have a lot of ideas about this, but don't want to reinvent the wheel if something like this already exists.

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    Yes, such places do exist. What country/state are you in? (a complete profile makes responding to questions much easier).


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    There area few apartment buildings in London (Ontario, Canada) like this .. they were around when I was first paralyzed in 1985.

    Also a community in Michigan though where exactly escapes me at the moment. They do exist.
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    I believe one place is Otter Lake, Michigan. I toured several one story apartments in a lovely country setting. Inside was barrier-free design, except kitchen, as attendant care was expected for meal prep and personal care. About a block away, the builder had set up an accessible dock and pontoon boat.
    Wondering if one issue would be finding residents, as they would probably be relocating to live there - in such a rural setting don't think you'd find enough persons with a significant disability requiring attendant care.
    Perhaps this idea would be more attractive to those who want to be close to accessible transportation, subway systems, etc. - a city or town with access to many amenities.
    I once visited a similar place in Sweden. I felt it was too large, felt somewhat isolated from the outside community. Don't forget the concept of mainstreaming would apply here too.

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    Hello triumph,

    My wife and I moved into Evergreen Grove in Otter Lake, Michigan in mid-August of 2015. Trust me when I say this - it's not all that it's cracked up to be. Pretty much everything that the owner and his daughter (who happens to be the "Admissions Manager") has turned out to be one lie after another. I wish we had NEVER moved into this place.

    If you'd like to know all of the reasons why, I'll be glad to post each and every one of them here.

    I'll check back later tonight or tomorrow and see if you - or anyone else - responds.


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    The name of the community in Otter Lake Mi is Evergreen Grove. We toured there maybe 5 years ago. As Triumph said, kitchens are not too accessible as homes are largely designed for individuals using personal care help. I do believe there is some pca sharing. The homes are arranged in a horse shoe shaped area outside a tiny Michigan town with a nice lake where the developer keeps a pontoon boat for use of residents and the area's disabled community. The developer is quite a character - his best friend had MS and community was started as a place for him, but he passed away. There is a nice community fire pit and not far from the housing is a paved rails to trails bike/walk trail which I think is maybe 14 miles long. There is a website you can check out.

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    Dear ancientgimp,

    We made the mistake of moving in Evergreen Grove back in August of last year. Basically, everything that the owner and his daughter told my wife and I was one big lie after another. They are both fabulous at giving excuses about everything.

    The owner is also the maintenance person and - according to him - none of our concerns are problems for him.

    His daughter was the person that we dealt with for several weeks before moving up here. We asked her NUMEROUS questions. She is the "Admissions Manager" and it has become glaringly apparent that she doesn't know anything about the day-to-day operations of this place. Also, according to the owner - her daddy - this isn't a problem either.

    I guess there is a reason that the place is empty and nobody has moved in here. They had their "Open House" in late June 2015 and we're the only suckers that have moved in here. There is always a problem with the water. The floor in our second bedroom is sinking and it's a tripping hazard - but - as usual - this isn't a problem for the owner.

    Then, the other kicker is that his divorced son lives on the other side of the wall from us. Before we moved in, the owner and the daughter said that he would only be here every other weekend with his three kids. Well, they're here every day in some shape or form...banging on the walls.

    This is also not a problem for the owner.

    Stay tuned. We aren't paying rent this month - our attorney advised us to send him, his wife, his daughter, and his son certified letters demanding that he fix the problems in our unit. If they refuse to sign for them, he said he'll use his process server to deliver the letters to them. He finds it unconscionable at the way they treat disabled people.

    Maybe there's a reason that more than half of the place is vacant?

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    Out of curiosity...any idea what the HOA fees might be on such an operation?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andy View Post
    Out of curiosity...any idea what the HOA fees might be on such an operation?
    Unfortunately not, I had the impression it might be pricey. We didn't get into details because we only live 20 miles away and at this point would not consider giving up a completely accessible kitchen.

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    I am in southern Indiana, but have a strong desire to move south, it's 5 degrees here right now. I'm 52 and when my father passes, which hopefully won't be anytime soon, I'll have no reason to endure weather like this again.

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