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That is generally true. After a particularly lucrative job offer, I considered leaving the homeschooling profession to go back to full-time career work. After talking to my LTD advocate I found out very much the same thing as t8burst described. Working with my SCI, no matter the challenges, would disqualify me from using SCI has a cause to return to LTD benefits. Complications associated with SCI would, with the same gravitas and weight as SCI, but not the SCI itself. I think that is quite stupid. It seems most of the incentives are to stay on disability, which is counterintuitive, IMO. I'd think the LTD companies would encourage working even if it only saved them a decade of payments, or so.
I found this to be very true. Also, if you work part time while on SSDI while being below the $750 limit to avoid penalties, it seems they constantly bug you about why you can't go out and get a full time job. Like working 12 hour weeks is just like a 40hr work week. The system sucks