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Thread: Keyboard suggestions ??

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    You'd have to see if it would work for you, but I used a Logitech G510S for computer work for about a year. I have full hand function, but worked in an office where keyboard noise was an issue, so it's quieter than most mechanical keyboards. The keys seem well-delineated, too, which was important to me as I did data work without looking at the keyboard and needed to be able to "feel" the keys.

    The feature that sold me on the Logitech G510S was the ability to load up to 54 different phases of text or keystroke chains in the half keys off to the left side and/or the buttons around the keyboard (they can be reprogrammed so they're not doing music functions). I did a lot of work with multiple phrases or keystroke series, like depressing Alt, then some letters, and Ctrl, and then some letters, and then the phrase. I did this 6-8 hours straight some days. In most programs I used I could set a macro, but that was clunky. It was horrific if I had to punch the same seven or eight keys in a string all day long if the program I was using at the time wouldn't allow for macros, memory, or any other special shortcuts (some programs don't, like Adobe Acrobat). Being able to tie keyboard commands and, in my case, tie them to the hardware (my keyboard) was a lifesaver. Yes the macro keys were half-sized, but for me that wasn't a problem.

    The information you save in your keyboard can actually be tied to the board if you need to, so you can bring the board with you to multiple machines. All that is required is enough administrative access to install the special software from Logitech required to run the board & macro keys (otherwise it functions as a normal keyboard and the keys on the left side are ignored). On a home computer you will have enough administrative access. On a work computer I had to ask for it, but IT was able to give me authorization in a jiffy.

    I chose the Logitech over the Razer brand because I could touch/practice with the Logitech board, it was in stock, and it had more keys than the Razer did at a better price point. The Razer had to be special-ordered, sight unseen, non-returnable, at any place within 100 miles of me. It was also louder in an office environment. My coworkers had already asked me to use noise-deadening material for my work-assigned board...

    I've also found Logitech Wave to be a good keyboard to use a stylus on, at the times I've done it (short-term).

    Good luck!

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    Thanks Mystery. I will check those out.
    You will find a guide to preserving shoulder function @

    See my personal webpage @

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    My keyboard is a Perixx keyboard I got on Amazon chosen primarily for the back lighting. A mechanical keyboard with cherry key might be useful.

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