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    Swollen Foot

    Hi all and Happy New Year!! I don't post much but I am always reading through the posts. I am having a problem with the swelling of one foot which makes it hard to buy shoes, I remember seeing a post awhile back where you can buy one shoe larger than the other. Does anyone remember or can give me some insight or recommendations? Any help will be appreciated and thanks in advance.

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    i'm a t-10 para and have also had problems with my right foot swelling . . . exercise helps and also try wearing "compression" socks. You can find them in most drug stores (Walgreens, Rite Aid etc).

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    The website is:

    Nordstrom may be an option if your feet are at least 1.5 sizes different. The founders wife was a polio survivor. They had a policy of letting you buy two pairs of the same shoe in different sizes ( as long as it met the 1.5 size difference requirement ) and returning the mismatched pair for a full refund. Check with their customer service department to see if this option is still allowed. If so, you've got online or in-store shopping. has a discount program when you buy 2 pairs of the same shoe in different sizes.

    ebay search for "mismatched shoes" or "mismatch shoes"

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    Ditto compression socks. I buy from

    Be aware that they can be difficult (sometimes impossible) to put on if you don't have good hands. Start with lower # compression.

    Elevating your feet (or the offending foot - I'll bet it's the left) when possible also helps.

    Good luck!

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    Thank you everyone for your input. I used to where compression socks when I didn't have this problem so I stopped but just ordered a pair. Thanks whofans for the link.
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