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    Hello my friends, I hope you are well.

    Life remains complicated after a brutal 2015 dragging into January but
    life goes on.

    So the respite??

    I've tried to post my photography as frequently as I can.

    However, over the holidays I managed to get my photography web site
    up and running. I put it in a format to be able to just enjoy my work.
    Please look and let me know what you think.

    SHAMELESS PLUG (hope this is okay??) I've enable purchasing through
    the site. I will also hand make and sign artwork for anyone interested.

    I invite you to take a short journey through my eyes.
    I'm really looking forward to your comments.


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    Beautiful work Kit!

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    Bill your work is AMAZING sir, thank you so much for sharing

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    This work includes 8x10 and 4x5 View Cameras, film medium format cameras, digital slrs, and ilcs. This body of work starts about 1989 through current.
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    Posting mostly on Facebook

    a picture for today. The Sentinal

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    Beautiful! Looks like Big Sur?


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    I thought the same thing as SCI-nurse myself. Big Sur, CA? It's a lovely photo. Just looking at it gives me the calm I feel looking at the real thing. Took a road trip in the summer down the coast of CA. The scenery is awe inspiring. I also looked at your website and expected stunning photography, what impressed me was how handsome you look in your avatar. You must feel well to look so good.

    Was the respite you feel an outcome of practicing more photography? I have felt a kindred spirit with you over the years in that you carry on despite the extreme discomfort that is SCI. So now that you're feeling better, I'm intensely curious about how you managed that improvement.

    An unusual source of relief for me comes from my Reiki sessions (recommended by the pain doc) done with a close friend who has been trained in Shamanism. I don't know why it works (Wikipedia says Reiki has been debunked), possibly because the practitioner & I are good friends, but the more I do it, the better it gets. We've focused on my pain last few sessions and I really look forward to the next because each time makes me feel better somehow. I still take the usual amount of opioids, have to push through the pain every minute to participate in life and am wiped out from the chronic pain by the end of the day. Even so, I will pursue the Reiki and continue to enjoy your work. Thanks for that.

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    Beautiful! Looks like Big Sur?


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