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Thread: blue catheter syndrome

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    blue catheter syndrome

    gday all, its been awhile
    for some reason after about 1 week of changing , my spc goes a aqua blue ish colour?
    ive seen this happen a few yrs ago, then stop.
    this time is going on over the last 4 changes(4 months)
    i even changed brands from cliny foley 24g to releen 24g, same thing.
    when changing, the inside part thats been in my bladder is fine, so is the 1st inch outside the hole, then it goes blue till it hits the simpla leg bag.
    ive had a bladder test- no bugs.
    no one in aus is smart enough to know why this is.
    it doesnt seem to affect me in any way
    maybe i should sell the used ones on ebay?
    anyone seen type this thing before...

    survivor of beijing oeg transplant

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    Have you changed any of your medications lately? Have your doctors taken a sample of all things possible to find the reason?

    *I hope you are not near those tragic Bushfires. I live in California, but have watched them and made donations to a few places. And of course I am in total LOVE with Sam and her beau Bob.

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    Blue catheters seem to have some relationship to the Purple Urine Bag Syndrome being discussed in a separate thread.


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    Are you eating or drinking anything any different?

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    dont think so
    i probly drink too much beer lately
    maybe causing bladder problem?
    seem to have phantom stomach pains a lot, but i poop pretty good and drink water.
    amazing you can feel so much when physicly you cant feel anything.
    survivor of beijing oeg transplant

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    Hi I now have this problem with a spc releen 22 I noticed the change after about three weeks and wonder if its colour coded . Just before it gets changed 'every for weeks' it turns maroon and that is the same colour thats on the balloon part of the catheter

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    Over the past few years that has happen to me. And it just goes away on its own. The longest it lasted with me was about 2 months.

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    this is the link for discoloration of urine


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