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Thread: Does anyone use voice recognition in conjunction with eye tracking?

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    Question Does anyone use voice recognition in conjunction with eye tracking?

    I really need to upgrade my obsolete laptop, but have been procrastinating because I dread switching to NaturallySpeaking. Lately I've been thinking the switch might not be so bad if I had an alternate way of moving the cursor. I'm going to look into the Tobii, and I know there are cheaper eye tracking systems out there. But is eye tracking as memory intensive as voice recognition? Can I realistically run both on a laptop? If anyone is already doing this, I'd really like to know the specs of your system.

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    I use the SmartNav head tracker to control my laptop and it works well and it only shows 7,800 k memory usage. I don't use Dragon because it used to eat up system resources on my regular PC a few years ago and while my head tracker doesn't use a lot of resources, my laptop is several years old and not very fast, but fast enough for light duty internet surfing and web-based games.

    Good luck...

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    I use to use SmartNav and Dragon NaturallySpeaking simultaneously without a problem. I'm able to use a touch mouse so no longer use SmartNav. With NaturallySpeaking, I always went with as much memory as I could afford.

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    I run a Tobii PCEye go and Dragon 13 on a surface Pro 3. Running both is pretty memory intensive. I wouldn't try to do anything other than the usual browsing and email checking. I stream videos with the set up without any problems other than some occasional hiccups. Hopefully the pics give you a better idea. I get slow downs sometimes but this little tablet seems to handle both relatively well.
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