Hi all.

How much swelling or edema is "normal" for you, or in general for people who spend a good number of hours daily in a wheelchair?

I was injured at age 20, and for about the first 15 years, swelling in my feet and ankles was extremely rare. Basically nonexistent, no matter how much salt I ate.

In the last couple years, swelling has been an off-and-on thing, but now almost halfway into my 18th year paralyzed, my feet and ankles seem to be swelling with more regularity.

I average 12-15 hours per day in my chair - but that's not new. I have averaged those hours pretty much ever since I came home from rehab. And I weightshift regularly, usually tilting and reclining back fully for at least a few minutes every 30 minutes.

I have started to limit my sodium intake a bit, and am wearing compression socks with more regularity. I am given Lasix as needed. My daily water input/output probably averages about 3 L.

Really the primary variable that has changed is my age. At 39, maybe my body is not eliminating the fluid as efficiently?