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Thread: How much Vitamin C for UTI prevention

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    How much Vitamin C for UTI prevention

    Saw a Urologist last week for ongoing UTI's. My regular one was on vacation so saw a different female doc. I had a Cystoscopy done to check the bladder for stones etc. All looked great and no problems there.

    She kind of read me out for takin antibiotics too often because of my urine getting so cloudy and mucky. She said according to the guidelines, anyone who intermittence catheterizes will be colonized and show a UTI on tests sent in. Only under certain circumstance should antibiotics be used. Pissed me of a bit, no pun intended, as she treated me like I knew nothing about how to determine when I knew I had an infection. I understand about colonization etc. but the silt in the catheter is unusual for me so was just checking things out.

    She said I should be taking Vit. C in large doses to change the PH inside my bladder to minimize UTI's. It's been four days after finishing off a round of Macrobid and the catheter filled up with silt this morning. So I downed a couple of Vit. C totaling 2,000mg and poured in the water. Took another 1,000 later in the day.Things seemed to have cleared up, for now.

    I don't want to overdo on Vit.C so what's considered too much Vit. C?

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    I take a single 1000 chewable a day. If I sense an issue like an irritated bladder I'll pop a couple of extra for a day or two. I drink a lot (3-4 liters a day) so I'm always flushed. I used to take up to 4000 per day but I noticed it to be getting hard on my intestines and noticed side effects creeping up like weakness and overall being tired. I think it was too much for too long. I feel back to normal now that I keep the vitamin C down to 1000 a day. I also backed off on multi-vitamins and B vitamins. I take them once a week and it seems to have allowed my body to find a happy medium with extra vitamins on top of regular nutrition in food.

    I haven't had to use antibiotics for close to ten years now, for anything.

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    Thanks NQ, that was really helpful. I take the B and Multi daily also, will cut back on them.

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    my bladder cocktail is dmannose 2x day, 2k vit c, cranberry pills. I get a uti about every 2 yrs. I shoot for 1 gallon of water per day. even every 2 yrs is to much, I hate taking abx. rep
    c4/5 inc funtioning c6. 28 yrs post.
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    Huh, this is the first I've heard about taking the extra VitC. Good to know. Coincidentally have a uro visit scheduled for later this week. I think I'll mention it as well as the other great idea I picked up which is using a Foley overnight. Thanks Patrick and NorthQuad!

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    I agree I take 1000 of C a day, drink 4 quarts of filtered water a day + some coffee and what ever fluid I get from food I eat. I have a SP so we clean around it with Vetericyn 2 X a day and change it once a month.

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    1000 MG a day for me, best thing in my bladder arsenal IMO...........My research says that D Mannose only good for anti e-coli properties BTW

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    I went through a few years of recurring uti's about seven years ago. My urologist recommended doing instillation/ irrigation. It has literally changed my life. I was starting to think the uti's and complications from antibiotic over use was going to be final chapters of SCI life after then 30 plus years. I have been doing instillation for seven years and it has made enormous difference with incidence of uti's and foremost quality of life. It's work but well worth it IMHO.

    Bob Vogel at New Mobility magazine has written a couple articles about instillation over the years and below is his latest one from December 15'. I use the Neosporin irrigant discussed.

    Good luck to you Patrick.

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    I didn't realize you have been doing instillations of Neosporin for 7 years. How often do you do them?

    My dad has been doing instillations of Gentamicin for the past 9 months - twice a day - with the possibility of decreasing frequency at the 1 year mark.

    My Dad takes 1000mg VitC three times a day. He takes it at the same time he takes methenamine 1000mg three times a day. The idea is that the VitC will help make the bladder more acidic, so then the methenamine can work (it needs an acidic pH). Honestly, who knows if it helps.

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    I do hope all of you folks who are heavy water drinkers get regular tests of your blood sodium levels. Many of you may have read my story, but for those of you who haven't, I nearly died last January from hyponatremia (commonly known as water intoxication), an extremely low blood sodium level. My electrolytes were totally whacked and my blood sodium was down to 104 (normal range begins at 134). I spent 17 hours in a babbling coma and 7 days in the ICU. It was touch and go for a while. At one point the ER doc took NL aside and told her to prepare herself, after all, "he's 70 years old, been a quad for 33 years, he's had a good run."

    I had been a heavy water drinker too. I contracted a virus just after Christmas, wasn't eating properly and drinking a lot of water to keep hydrated. The amount of water I was drinking was diluting the blood sodium levels. While drinking a lot of water sounds pretty innocuous, it can have dire side effects. My nephrologist (kidney specialists treat electrolyte imbalances) suggested that I drink no more that 2 quarts of water a day. I've kept to that regimen for a year and haven't noticed an increase in sediment, cloudiness or infections. My blood sodium has consistently tested in the lowest level of the normal range. I've also increased the amount of sodium in my diet. Fortunately, I haven't noticed any difference in water retention or edema.

    All the best,

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