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Thread: PA Department of Health ruling in regards to in-home intermittent urinary catheteriza

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    PA Department of Health ruling in regards to in-home intermittent urinary catheteriza

    I was wondering if many people were affected by this decision. I am living in PA with in-home attendant care since 1994. I am enrolled in the Act 150 waiver program. With their decision, intermittent urinary catheterization must be preformed by a licensed worker (unless the worker is private pay). But, unfortunately, in the waiver program an individual is not eligible for any licensed care. So, that leaves you only one option, which would be private pay. The amount of time you would need a private pay individual for that particular service would be ridiculously low. Basically, a completely unemployable position. I was wondering if many other people were/are affected by this.

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    Yes,there have been a number of changes in what caregivers are allowed to help us with.
    I am on the Independence Waiver and my home care workers did my bowel program for almost 10 years. The changes that the Corbutt administration made to HCBS really screwed everything up. I must now have a nurse do the program which typically requires about 20 minutes and skilled nursing, which you may now need costs about $125 per hour. Fortunately the VA now pays the nurse to come but any agency or licensed individual charges one hour to come regardless how long the procedure takes.

    Beginning in 2017, depending upon where folks live in PA, privately managed care company's named Community HealthChoices will take over Managed Long-Term Services and Supports (MLTSS) from the state. They will receive a capitative payment or set fee, for each individual regardless of the amount or the number of service hours in their care plan. After 6 months, the company is permitted to reduce everyone's service hours by 25%, which will most assuredly happen to save them money. There is supposed to be an appeal process when this happens but whether the reduction is immediate or after we lose the appeal, I am not sure.

    Fortunately for you, I believe that the Act 150 Waiver which has been administered by PPL, is at least for now, exempt from this change. I added this info for folks who live in PA and use the Waiver's that may also read your thread.

    Good luck, we are all in dangerous territory. Every state that has tried this has had absolutely terrible problems implementing these programs.
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    . I agree with your wording "dangerous territory." I have contacted the Disabilities Rights Network and they have taken some steps to help reverse/change the DOH's rulling.

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    Again, I am driven nuts by outrageous regulations that cause problems for some of the most disabled persons.
    It seems that if someone is eligible for SSI or SSDI, maybe there should be a tier set up such as SSI-1 and SSDI-1 and those individuals with paralysis requiring personal care would get free care or a higher check/voucher to contract for it on their own.

    I once knew a quad who set himself up as a corporation. Somehow he was able to take tax deductions for all disability related expenses. Maybe some shifty accounting, but it seemed to work for him. (No, I'm not recommending this).

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