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Thread: any other safe ways to get on and off the floor without a hoyer lift?

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    any other safe ways to get on and off the floor without a hoyer lift?

    Yesterday a friend and my wife helped me get on the floor to see what exercises I might be able to do. (The angry quad on youtube inspired me) It was great to be flat on the floor out of my chair and trying to figure out a routine that will help me improve movement and strength. For safety and inconvenience it seems a hoyer lift would be a good option if I really intend to make a floor routine a regular part of my training. But are there any other ways / equipment to help get me on and off the floor? Thank you

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    You don't need to get on the floor - bring the floor up to you by investing in an exercise platform or adjustable-leg massage table. This thread might be helpful:

    LOL, I just realized you started that thread!
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    Bath lift.
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