thanks for the kind comments.
It was pretty hard to post that, but I guess I just needed to say that no money is enough to admit that happened. you feel stupid, how could I be so stupid, and not know that was possible? I felt at fault for the immediate divorce that followed. when I was adopted into that family it was an entire family, when I left it was under polices escort, and the family was no longer a family.

I think those women might have struggled with that kind of thing too. as far as I know none of them are asking for money. who would want money for being rape?
Cosby is innocent until proven guilty. no matter what the verdict his admitting that he used drugs to incapacitate women so he could have sex with them is him being accountable for his actions. its enough. He's an old man and he has to live in his own stink now. thats how I felt when I learned years later my enemy had been finally held accountable. he's a listed sex offender. he served only 1 day in jail, but he's paid something at least by being on a sex offender list.

thats all those ladies want. he had his fun, now he gets to sign it.