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Hi Sponzinn, I am a T-3 that has worked his way back to two wheels. Pro-racer. international rally, superbikes, stuff like that before my SCI. Over the years I experimented with adaptive controls and landing gear. I even designed a bike trailer that held my bike up at stops but allowed me to lean in turns. Eventially I decided on sidecar outfits and for the past three years have been riding around the world. For sure not as much fun as two-wheels but the speed, stability and carry capacity is better than the constant concern about holding my bike up at stops. So for me three-wheels is pretty cool. Just don't give up; your solution is out there. Sincerely, Ramey 'Coach' Stroud.
Thanks for the share and quote, love it! Each of us has their own solution out there. We can't just go with whatever the next person is doing, have to find our own way