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Thread: Need a new Rehab shower commode chair

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    Need a new Rehab shower commode chair

    What kind do you all have? I've had a Everest and Jennings for years but it's falling apart. So I'm looking for suggestions. I need one that has swing away foot rest(but can also be removed), removable arm rest, and prefer a seat with an oval opening.


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    I had E & J as well for years and then I bought invacare mariner .What a piece of *%&.

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    Hi Wheelman,

    I too used the e and j for years. Then they stopped making it so I switched to

    I like it best. My only complaint is the seat wrinkles and cracks prematurely. The coating they dip it in. Need to replace every year. So that sucks.

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    I used E&J for many years. When they quit making I switched to Raz SP made in canada Excellent chair built to last!

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    Look at the following in addition to those above:

    Raz Designs


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    Regarding "... had a Everest and Jennings ... swing away foot rest ... seat with an oval opening ..." - there is a new dimensionally equivalent (to the Everest and Jennings) shower/commode chair here but, the swing-away foot rests are more difficult to operate for folks who have limited grip function (i.e., limited prehension). To swing the foot rest on the referenced chair, the foot rest hanger must first be lifted a bit.

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    I have a Nuprodx shower chair. It is a great product!

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    I have a Nuprodx Multichair 3000Tx. I contacted them and had some additional components added (12" transfer bench, solid backrest) so it's a great travel chair + a very solid chair for home use.

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    Invacare Mariner 6895

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