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Thread: The Kumming walking program

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    The Kumming walking program

    I knowthat Dr. Young and Jim are big believers in this program, I myself find it to be one of the best rehabilitation programs out there, probably the best. But how effective do you think it is towards stimulating regeneration or recovery after a potentialy regenerative treatment? Has just the walking program lead to actual recovery on its own? Is it true that by forcing our bodies in a standing position, that is somehow stimulating our body, potentially causing The brain to send signals down the cord? rather then just withering away remaining stagnant in the chair. Maybe after sometime the signals can push through injury especially after stem cell injection! A lot of people agree as this is a great program, but recently I was talking with someone who said it may not be the best option gauged toward stimulating regeneration... What's your opinion, I wonder how the clinical trial on this program is going.

    At the end of the day no matter what latest and greatest cells or technology we throw at the injury, obviously very intense, constant continuous physiotherapy will be needed to stimulate any kind of robust regeneration to reawaken the body.

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    Ultimately to answer that question, the data needs to be published although the wait seems never-ending.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lunasicc42 View Post
    Ultimately to answer that question, the data needs to be published although the wait seems never-ending.
    I believe Wise gave information about this in the Kunming walking trial thread that was posted here in March. LINK

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