Since I am on Medicare I have no clue how the ACA actually works. I do think there have been some folks who have signed up, paid a few months premiums, got some physical problem fixed and then dropped their premiums. This shows up in everyone's premiums, and is fraud.

Any HMO or any of those so called "Advantage plans" defraud the general public as well. The way I read the ACA should work as originally intended would be very close to a one payer system. But enough words got changed to suit some of the conservatives to get enough votes to pass it, screwed the pooch.

Rainman perhaps you should reassess your plan. Until I get notified that the plan (Medigap) I have currently I will continue it until I die. Yes the premiums have increased a bit But consider I pay about $5000 for all my health insurance out of my pocket, that is my co-pay Medicare, plus the Medi-Gap insurance, and prescription plans everything, with no additional out of pocket co-pays after the fact.

I have in my lifetime seen high priced doctors who I would not let them attend to my dog. Then there are those who live to be doctors, I have met both. Where they go to school makes no difference, but a doctor is like a mechanic, one who can fix stuff (people) even without every modern convenience or gadget known to man, is priceless. Old, young, they are available, you just have to search them out. Exactly what do you consider a reject type doctor? Some folks go to South East Asia to get operations and physically repaired why? Do you think those doctors just took up their practice without some realistic medical education?

Good luck with your adventure in studying health care insurance plans.