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Thread: Reinstatement and Trial Work Period

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    Reinstatement and Trial Work Period

    I was on ssdi and started working full time at a job for 3 months and made more than the allowed amount. I was taken off ssdi but I got my pay reduced and quit that job because I got written up for low productivity. I started another full time job immediately and only worked there for 3 weeks and quit that job too. I was jobless for all of October and they reinstated my ssdi payments through expedited Reinstatement. Then I got yet another full time job in November and reported this to social security. They resubmitted the info and the time to wait for the money started again. Now a lady told me I am getting back pay for October November December and it's a significant amount of money. I read somewhere that if you lose your job and get expedited Reinstatement within 5 years of losing your ssdi benefits that you trial work period will begin anew like it never happened. Is this true?

    I had a trial work period already and completed it. I was only off my benefits a month or two. I'm so confused. I am just trying to find out if this money will be an overpayment or if my payments will continue due to new trial work period. Thanks for any info!

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    I'm confused too about your statement 'made more than the allowed amount'. I thought if already on SSDI, then start employment, you would get a trial work period of up to 18 months, getting your full SSDI benefit AND employment paycheck, then if continuing to successfully work beyond 18 mos. the benefits would stop. I have not heard of SSDI having rules about earning level unless you are talking about continuing on SSDI all the time one is employed - that is, indefinitely.
    Is that your goal - to stay on SSDI and only work up to the amount that your can remain on SSDI? This is a reasonable goal as Medicare could continue.

    Maybe someone here can help on your question. You might want to consider setting the funds aside until you get a straight answer, preferably from an SS representative.
    I think the goal of SS is to have a disabled person employed and not need benefits. I went through an 18 month TWP and fortunately kept my job for 20 years, then retired with an SSDI benefit which was based on my income level at the time of retirement. I remained on full employer-health benefits for 2 years as that's when Medicare kicked in, and employer-health insurance became "second payer".

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    I had previously completed my trial work period. I'm not sure if I completed my extended period as well. But after your trial period you can only make 1090 a month after making more than that more than 3 times in a row your benefits get discontinued. I had mine cut off for that reason but then quit my job and tried another job, failed at that job and then had no job for a month. I thought I wasn't going to get another job for a whole so I signed back up for my benefits and they got reinstated. I thought I was only going to get paid for October cause as soon as I signed up for them I got another full time job and made too much money again. Making my benefits supposedly stop again. Well I was still owed October cause I made no money that month. I've been waiting for the deposit for October. But ended up getting a one time payment for 3 months while they made the decision and it appears on the social security website I am getting my payments continued. I tried to research why this is happening and read on the disability secrets website that if you have completed your trial period and also have had your benefits stopped you can get continued payments if you get reinstated because a new trial work period will begin. As long as it hasn't passed 5 years since your losing benefits.

    I hope that makes better sense. I am just trying to find out if this money is really mine. I have a racked up credit card from dental issues and car maintenence and medical things and this would be a blessing to be able to pay towards that and my other bills. Thanks.

  4. #4 Have them clarify the part about getting up to 6 months worth of provisional benefits while they perform a medical review. If thats what's going on in your case, hold onto the $$ until you get the "all clear".

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2drwhofans View Post Have them clarify the part about getting up to 6 months worth of provisional benefits while they perform a medical review. If thats what's going on in your case, hold onto the $$ until you get the "all clear".

    Thanks! That was very helpful! They had just done a medical review for me a few months before I lost my benefits and let my payments continue because my condition was still active. I have called my rep at the office and left a message asking about it too. But this was a more official statement that I was looking for!

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